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Win 1 Of 5 Signed Copies Of OPEN TO THINK | dan pontefract
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Win 1 Of 5 Signed Copies Of OPEN TO THINK

Win 1 Of 5 Signed Copies Of OPEN TO THINK

If you’d like to win one of five signed copies of Dan’s latest book, OPEN TO THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively and Make Better Decisions, simply subscribe to his “irregular newsletter.”

Published 3-5 times per year, Dan’s newsletter is usually chock full of free goodies including articles and columns he’s written, podcasts he has recorded, links to talks he has delivered, and the occasional story or two.

Visit the link below to subscribe and automatically be entered into the draw.

Contest closes Sunday, November 4, 6:00pm PT. Winners will be notified by email, and first names will be listed in a comment below this post.

Subscribe here:

PS: here’s Dan’s most recent newsletter as an example:


  • Dan Pontefract / 4 November 2018 9:25

    Due to the overwhelmingly positive interest, I increased the number of winners from 5 to 10.

    Kudos to the following people, chosen randomly:

    1) Fran P.
    2) Bob N.
    3) Mark J.
    4) Julie G.
    5) Guillaume B.
    6) Patrick S.
    7) Nancy M.
    8) Shawn M.
    9) Jacqui M.
    10) Betsy T.

    Everyone has been contacted via email. Thanks again for your interest in my writing and thoughts on thinking.


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