November 28, 2014

What Should The Title Of My Next Book Be?

Join Our TeamIt hasn’t been through any editing yet.

It’s 12 chapters in total.

It’s approaching 90,000 words. (again)

There are two sections.

The first section has the following draft chapter titles:

  • Chapter 1 – The Possibility of Purpose at Work
  • Chapter 2 – What is Work?
  • Chapter 3 – The Pursuit of Workplace Disengagement
  • Chapter 4 – We Built This City (of Consumerism)
  • Chapter 5 – Power Plays in the Organization
  • Chapter 6 – Money, Budgets, Greed and Maximizing Shareholder Value

The second section has the following draft chapter titles:

  • Chapter 7 – The Purpose of an Organization
  • Chapter 8 – Job. Career. Purpose.
  • Chapter 9 – Develop. Define. Decide.
  • Chapter 10 – Organizational Communitas
  • Chapter 11 – Management Muscles
  • Chapter 12 – Now. Near. Nexus.

Any thoughts on an appropriate title at this point, despite not having any further information to go on?

Or, how about commenting on the draft title I came up with:

WORKING CLASS: The Leaders Path to Profit with Purpose

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

35 Replies to “What Should The Title Of My Next Book Be?”

  1. Purpose at Work: Choose or have it chosen for you.
    Purpose and Profit: Together at Last
    Built for Purpose: how leaders can shape their purpose around work
    Purpose: how to build a career and organization that has meaning

    First draft of ideas. Will put some more thought into it.

  2. Work and Love: The Path to Profit with Purpose … playing off the old Constantines lyric (and Brood album title), “work and love will make a man out of you.” Your true growth happens when work and love intersect.

  3. ‘Purpose + Passion = Profit’ or
    ‘No Purpose, No Profit’ (kind of a play on the no pain, no gain mantra ) or
    ‘Which comes first, The purpose or the Profit?”

  4. Ideas:
    Marching Orders: the Power of Purpose at Work
    Driven to Thrive: Going Beyond 9 to 5
    More than Money
    Closing the Gap
    Above and Beyond
    Catalyst (P)
    Corporate Salvation
    Greedy for More: more meaning, more purpose, more results

  5. Dan – knowing how you think, and the quality of your work, the authorship sways me far more than any title could – D. Pontefract on the spine of the book tells me all I need to know. I might be inclined to buy the The Drive to Thrive – but have to be honest, that of the titles I submitted here, “Marching Orders:…” is my favourite. In no short part because it does seem a logical step from Flat Army. The question is, is this a sequel? or; is this a stand alone volume?

    1. Wow. That was very kind Janice. I’m actually unclear if it’s a sequel or not. On one hand, I believe it is because almost everything I write about (even the poetry) relates to humanity in the organization. On the other, it’s not specifically related to culture and collaborative operating practices (like FLAT ARMY), rather an investigation (and author-created solution) as it relates to mindsets in the organization … how the employee, leader and the organization itself are responsible for the differences between job, career and purpose.

  6. If it is about mindsets in the organization, how is it not about culture? Mindset and culture are linked, and often the culture experienced is the collective sum of the mindsets that are present. I think it might be more of a sequel than it first appears – can you have a truly “connected and engaged” organization without purpose?

    1. Fair enough. I agree that mindset and culture are linked … and the more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to believe it is in fact a sequel akin to “The Empire Strikes Back”. 😉

  7. Amazing ideas above all adding to the collaboration.

    Some thoughts:

    – The references to “army” makes me nervous because it sounds like command and control. It worked for the first title because it was an intuitive juxtaposition of ideas that most readers would relate to.
    – If I focus on who we all need to reach with these ideas, it is leaders. With that in mind I think about meeting them where they are and inviting them to new thinking.
    – Gary Hamel’s phrase “evolutionary advantage” is loud for me
    – The biggest challenge is not helping start-ups get traction (tho that’s important and hard), it’s helping established organizations transform
    – I like “On Purpose” best so far. Few other ideas for kindling:

    Profit on Purpose: the alchemy of alignment

    Profit on Purpose: Building the future together

    Accelerate your evolution: your future organization today

    The New Performance Playbook: On Purpose

    Evolving your organization on purpose

    And for fun …

    Are we already too late? The runway of business evolution (sorry that’s another book)

    Outliving the Lemmings of today (bit fatalistic)

    “Inverting power for profit” with book cover like this×

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