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There is Nothing More to Say in 2011 ... but Thanks | dan pontefract
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There is Nothing More to Say in 2011 … but Thanks

There is Nothing More to Say in 2011 … but Thanks

As the world becomes smaller, our opportunities become more common.

As the number of personal interactions increases, my competence grows exponentially.

As the sheer quantity of ideas expands, my impatience explodes.

As people take hold of becoming collaborative, I smile ear-to-ear.

A big thanks to everyone I liaised with in person over 2011 at various functions, events and settings. I’d love for it to continue next year.

An equal thanks to those of you who visited this site, reading my thoughts, commenting, sharing and challenging me. (as of this writing, there were 307,565 non-spam visits to this site in 2011 … and I don’t even sell anything, so thank-you!)

To those on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. that shared a link, a quip or a comment … my thanks for the exchange. I am richer for it.

To the TELUS team (yes, I actually work somewhere) … a huge congratulations on achieving a mind-boggling 1300 basis point increase in internal employee engagement shifting from 57% to 70% year over year. Even the folks at AON Hewitt who administer the survey were gobsmacked.

I wished for reciprocity in 2011; for the most part, I think it was achieved.

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday and/or Happy New Year.

See you in 2012. (I’m officially out of blogfice)

PS. To those that have been asking, I promise to finish the book in 2012. To whet your appetite, it’s tentatively titled “The Coffee Shop Leader“.





  • George Siemens / 14 December 2011 12:41

    Hi Dan – thanks for your comments/posts and thoughts throughout 2011. Your posts are consistently timely/relevant and thoughtful.

    Hope you have an awesome holiday season and a great 2012!!


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