Hi! I’m Dan Pontefract. I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for visiting the Remote Leadership Toolkit site. (Read my bio if we’ve never met before.)

Since 2002 I’ve led teams and people located across the globe. Since 2008 I’ve been a mobile worker, which means I work half the time from the comforts of my home, all the while leading teams, people, projects, and me.

I’m not trying to be a pompous ass–after all, I’m Canadian–but I’ve got a LOT of experience working and leading remotely.

This is why during the pandemic outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 (and the disease known as COVID-19) I’ve decided to share as much as I can about remote leadership, remote teams, and being a remote employee.

I hope the materials can be useful. When things settle down, and the world returns to some form of normalcy, perhaps I can assist you and/or your organization with a keynote, workshop, or culture assessment. You might even consider buying one of my books.

But in the meantime, the materials can be accessed for FREE!

My purpose statement is simple:

We’re not here to see through each other; we’re here to see each other through.

May these materials help see you through. Best of luck.

Toolkit Materials

10 remote leading videos
5 bonus leadership videos
5 job-aids
5 articles
Numerous External Links

Remote Leadership Videos

There are 10 remote leadership videos in total. Each one can be downloaded separately or viewed right here on the site. In addition, you can download a PDF copy of the slides that were used for each video. Topics include:

  • Remote Leadership 101: The Basics
  • Establishing Virtual Team Norms
  • How to Engage & Motivate the Team
  • Helping Employees Adjust to Working From Home
  • Using Technology to Collaborate with the Team
  • Conducting Virtual Team Meetings
  • Conducting Virtual 1-1 Meetings
  • How to Effectively Communicate with Remote Employees
  • How to Maintain Productivity and Performance
  • The Importance of Empathy in Remote Leadership

Remote Leadership 101: The Basics

For many leaders, the concept of working from home is as foreign as flying to Mars, let alone having to still effectively lead the team. (The team being newbies to working from home on a full-time basis, too.) This video explores the concepts of trust, more frequent check-ins, sharing, building community, and yes having some fun!

~7 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

Establising Virtual Team Norms

You and the team have suddenly been asked to work from home. Alone, isolated, and not allowed to see one another. You probably haven’t worked like this in the past, so the first thing you want to do is to establish “virtual team norms,” which are a set of questions to be answered that ensures everyone knows what is expected of them in terms of communication, collaboration, and connectedness.

~7:30 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

How to Engage and Motivate the Team

Borrowing from the work of Thomas Killman but using it in a different light, I explain how the axis of assertiveness and cooperation are critical vectors as you aim to improve your collaboration effectiveness. In essence, you need to become a herd of humpback whales. (Seriously.)

~6 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

Helping Employees Adjust to Working From Home

Most employees have worked from home on one or more occasions, but it’s very rare for employees to be working from home ALL THE TIME. Let alone the fact the entire team is now working from home, and no one knows what they’re doing.  In this episode, I discuss concepts such as space, exercise, virtual coffees, and engagement.

~6:24 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

Using Technology to Collaborate with the Team

Other than email and text, if your team has not truly used technology to collaborate (as a team!) then this episode is for you. I go into some detail concerning a) messaging and collaboration platforms, b) online meetings and webinar platforms, c) online project management and tracking platforms and d) cloud storage.

~5:19 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

Conducting Virtual Team Meetings

If you’re used to having face-to-face meetings (or having only a couple of meeting dialling into a conference call on occasion) then you really need to up your game as it pertains to team meetings. This episode dissects exactly how you should be conducting the team meetings remotely.

~7 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

Conducting Virtual 1–1 Meetings

Yes, you still have to have 1-1 meetings. Actually, more than ever given your team members are probably freaked right out and they need your sincerity, caring, and “air cover.” Learn how to have a much more effective 1-1 meeting while both of you are working from home.

~5:42 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

How to Effectively Communicate with Remote Employees

I’ve got 9 key tips to help you become a master communicator with your team over remote distances. It ends with a PEG. (You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean.)

~7:39 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

How to Maintain Productivity and Performance

You and the team may be working from home, isolated from one another, but that doesn’t mean your organization is shutting down. Work has to get done, deliverables are expected, and goals ought to be met. How? How do you maintain productivity and performance? I’ve developed six key techniques that may not 100% ensure both aspects are kept up, but it will get you ahead of the curve.

~6 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides

The Importance of Empathy in Remote Leadership

It doesn’t really matter if you’re working from home or at the office, arguably the most important behaviour to remember is empathy. But now, given the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, your level of empathy has to be oozing through every orifice of yours. Your entire demeanour must now be empathetic as you shift toward virtual leadership.

~7 minutes

Download the Video | Download the Slides


Download ALL 10 Presentation Slides


Dan Pontefract Remote Leadership Toolkit Payment via SQUARE

Job Aids

  • Letter to Team Members About COVID-19 (if I were leading a team-which I did for over 20 years-this is the type of letter/email I would have written to calm their nerves and demonstrate leadership) download here
  • Productivity Techniques For Remote Working (whether you are leading people or just yourself, you will want to think about how productive you will be at home, and how to keep it up) download here
  • Key Leadership Behaviours To Become A Remote Worker (considerations for everyone, whether you are leading people or just yourself, on how to act when working remotely and alone.) download here
  • Building Trust, Fostering Relationships and Knowing How To Communicate (remote working and leading is much different than being constantly face-to-face, so these tips and tricks help you understand the importance of trust and communication) download here
  • Working From Home – Technology Matrix (a document that outlines all sorts of technology considerations for employees who are now forced to work from home.) download here


Download ALL FIVE Job Aids

Dan Pontefract Remote Leadership Toolkit Payment via SQUARE

Dan Articles

Download articles that Dan has written specifically about remote working and leadership. You can download each article individually or as a package of five.


Download ALL FIVE Articles


Dan Pontefract Remote Leadership Toolkit Payment via SQUARE


  • Dan is a conference organizer’s ideal speaker. Not only did he inspire and energize our group, but he also masterfully adapted his content so it resonated with the audience and our conference theme. As a bonus, Dan is able to nimbly navigate to adjust to a reduced time slot when other speakers went over time without sacrificing the impact of his session.

    Director and General Counsel
  • Dan accomplished what we set out to do, which was not only to be inspirational, but also to leave everyone with tools and food for thought / self-reflection to improve their personal and professional lives.

    Hermann Handa, FCT
  • Dan challenged us to have clarity of purpose, both as individuals and as an organization. He related inspiring stories drawing on his experience in business, technology and academia. As he said, ‘There is no ownership without belonging.’

    Christian Pantel, D2L
  • Dan Pontefract suggests leaders must be transformational and transactional, collaborative and considerate, daring and decisive, inclusive and insistent, playful and formal, harmonious, and humble, encouraging and results-driven. In a word, Flat.

    Robert Morris
    “How to strengthen engagement, empowerment, and execution, then leverage them for a decisive competitive advantage”

Media Appearances

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