January 4, 2010

Personally Stuck Between Three Passions in the Education Spectrum

Having unplugged for the better part of three weeks, it donned on me that I’m personally or at least mentally stuck. (although not in a negative way really)

I have such deep passion for three very unique pieces of the education spectrum that I’m wondering if others are in the same boat. If so, what are you doing to satisfy both your curiosity and wish to make a difference in the three arenas?

My career started out in the K-12 space as both a teacher and a learning technology futurist/implementer. Recently, my 6, 4 and 2 year old clan have given me reason to contemplate the K-12 arena again in a very serious way in terms of helping this space shift towards a more collaborative ‘2.0’ model. (not to mention my beloved is Director of a local private school)

I then ventured into higher education at a public institution for 5 years, running a ‘high tech’ education department for the young and seasoned alike. During this tenure, I also completed an MBA at a different higher education institution. You could say that both experiences were eye-opening experiences due to the creativity, latitude and initiative I was allowed to drive and learn from. Now, in hindsight, I look back at it with fond memories and a yearning to help other higher education institutions move towards the ‘2.0’ world. (not to mention coveting that final degree, the PhD)

For the past eight years or so, I’ve been in the corporate sector running corporate universities, whether for employees specifically or a combination of employees, partners and customers. Switching to the ‘dark side’ (ie. from public institutions to for-profit companies) has also been rewarding, and has afforded me not only innumerable learning opportunities, but latitude to drive many of my formal, informal and social learning theories into practice for the masses.

These days, however, I find my mind, research and reach for new contacts wandering between the three unique spaces effortlessly and without care really. There is obvious linkage between K-12, Higher Education and the Corporate world, but how do I satisfy the urge to be all things to all audiences?

Can I really make a difference in all three at the same time?

Any thoughts out there? (and Happy New Year)

3 Replies to “Personally Stuck Between Three Passions in the Education Spectrum”

  1. Dano,
    You seemed to “have it all” during our time at Business Objects in that you positively impacted corporate learning, brought new and innovative ways of learning and served your customers (pre-sales, consulting, customer facing training) well, while being involved in charitable technology efforts like tech soup etc…perhaps you need a role that offers you the creativity to merge these communities together more successfully. What you create at the corporate level (which is funded by others :)) can be transferred to the classroom and non-profit world. In a sense you get to see real world application and then adjust… just a thought. I know I would love to have the chance to work with you again…your passion is endless and that’s hard to find.

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