Perhaps the Purpose of an Organization?

The yin-yang relationship between an engaged organization and an impeccable level of customer service just might be the new purpose of an organization.


the purpose of an organization

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9 comments on “Perhaps the Purpose of an Organization?”

  1. you posted a chart because you knew that would force me to comment didn’t you:) Yes, agree…engaged employees make much happier customers, because engaged employees care about their customers.

  2. The organization needs to work through it’s employees to connect with it’s customers.

    An employer who does not need employees is one who does not understand collaboration nor do they understand their own strength or weakness.

    You need alignment and strong clear communications that will empower employees to deliver exceptional customer service.

  3. I like your chart and the thinking behind it. I think not many senior management folk take this perspective, preferring a profitability focus. Profitability is an output of this approach though. Believing in people – customers and employees is core. Relationships are the glue that hold things together – businesses, clientele, good organisational culture.

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