September 10, 2018
The Purpose Effect

Now Available: Paperback Versions of FLAT ARMY and THE PURPOSE EFFECT

Lost in the shuffle of releasing my third book, OPEN TO THINK, is the news my first two books are now available in paperback.

FLAT ARMY was first published in 2013 but I believe the contents of the book have never been more needed. Our organizations remain mired with anemic levels of employee engagement, aided and abetted by hierarchies, fiefdoms, controlling management practices, and ridiculously ineffectual systems and processes.

Author and all-around maverick, Tom Peters, calls the book “superb.” That can’t be a bad thing.

The 2018 paperback version comes not only with an updated–and very sleek–book jacket but a new preface.

My second book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT, published in 2016 and is also now available as a paperback with a new cover as well as a new preface.

Written as a sequel to my first book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT explores the relationship between three types of purpose: personal, role and organizational. To be satisfied in life and at work, we require a positive intersection between all three types. If one (or more) of the purpose categories are missing, ill-defined, or have been negatively affected, we will wind up miserable. But when a positive alignment occurs between all three, we have reached the “sweet spot” and thus the effect of purpose becomes an enlightenment of sorts.

World renown author and academic, Adam Grant, says the book “helps individuals and leaders connect the purpose dots between the personal, professional, and organizational.”

There is a wonderful foreword written by the one and only Nilofer Merchant, too.

The paperback versions of FLAT ARMY and THE PURPOSE EFFECT can be ordered online at any of your favorite spots. Many retailers are carrying the books, too, so call ahead and support your local bookstore.


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