November 16, 2020

My 16-Hour Online Leadership Program Is Now Available

TL/DR: visit the LEAD. CARE. WIN. Learning Program site.


When I began to write LEAD. CARE. WIN. How to Become a Leader Who Matters at the beginning of 2019, I decided to write a field guide, not a book.

There were far too many “leadership books” in circulation. I wanted a field guide to actually help people become better versions of themselves.

Some people have already noted that I didn’t even use the word “chapter.” Instead, I chose to name each of the nine sections of the book as “lessons.” In fact, they are leadership lessons.

I also felt compelled to compliment the LEAD. CARE. WIN. field guide with something that went even further in terms of depth, breadth, and helpful change management techniques.

That’s why I am beyond excited to announce that the LEAD. CARE. WIN. Learning Program is now available for purchase.

Program Overview

Mapped to the nine leadership lessons found in the book, the program consists of the following:

  • 16+ hours of total learning content
  • Each lesson contains ~60 minutes of core content, ~45-60 minutes of bonus content as well as curated resources by me
  • 98 videos (ranging between 2 and 20 minutes) scattered across all nine lessons of me teaching you key leadership tips and techniques
  • 25 audio files
  • Multiple self-assessments
  • Exercises, interactive activities, and context setting content
  • 9 knowledge checks
  • 9 poems written and narrated by me
  • Over 50 downloadable job aids
  • 9 curated lists of films, books, TED Talks, art, my heroes, quotations as well as a 5-song music playlist!

My Personal Feelings

If you were not aware, I’m a former Chief Learning Officer who has seen his fair share of poor online learning, especially in the leadership field.

The LEAD. CARE. WIN. Learning Program is not that.

It is chock full of very tangible, specific, and actionable behaviour changes to improve your ability to lead self AND lead others.

Course Outlines

I know how important it is for some to read specifically about what each course contains including learning objectives. The LEAD. CARE. WIN. Learning Program Course Outlines document does just that.

Pricing for Individuals

The program is accessible via a specially customized learning portal just for LEAD. CARE. WIN. Individuals can access the portal in a mobile-friendly environment. Pricing is as follows:

  • $249 for access to all 9 leadership lessons / 16+ hours of content
  • $29 per lesson, if you want to purchase a single course

To begin the registration process, visit this link.

Pricing for Teams and Organizations

If you are keen to purchase the program for your team or entire organization, site licensing is available as follows:

Price per user
for the entire LCW
Program (9 lessons)

Discounts are available for education, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

If you are keen to purchase site licensing, send an email to to inquire.

Behind the Scenes

Watch this 2-minute video to see how the program functions and looks.

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