May 4, 2021

Management Musings: Episode 5 – Workplace Personas

In Episode 5 of “Management Musings,” I’m providing a high level overview of the three types of workplace personas – and how these definitions matter in a pre-pandemic, mid-pandemic and post-pandemic world.

If you are contemplating any sort of flexible/hybrid/work-from-anywhere scenario with your organization, check out this short video.

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  1. Thanks for the Flexible Work Model. Yes, I’m coaching organizations toward the flexible workplace model, and I believe that more people will begin to spend between 60-80% of their day at the home office, depending on the nature of their business. Commercial property owners should start to reimagine the office space for this new hybrid work model. We can shift away from the cubicle, open desk space models and triple the amount of walled-in hyper-connected meeting spaces. People will come in for meetings with teams and clients once a week or so, but otherwise, connect with those spaces virtually. Some customers will ask for dedicated meeting rooms where they can leave up artifacts, ongoing work outputs and have projection space.
    Design Thinking is front and centre in this next journey.
    See 10 Commercial Real Estate Predictions For 2021 –

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