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Love-Based Leadership: the next book from Dan Pontefract publishing soon
Love-Based Leadership
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Coming Soon…


Working Title


A Field Guide To Becoming A Genuine Leader



I am in the developmental stage of my next book tentatively titled “LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP.”


In fact, I have decided to ‘work out loud’ in the writing of this fourth book of mine. This page will act as a place for me to interact and share some of my thoughts, be it in word, audio or video formats.


What is Love-Based Leadership? Well, it’s a journey that I’m trying to sort out, but I think of it as getting back to basics. I believe it’s demonstrated by those who practice the humanity of leadership including but not limited to such concepts as humility, compassion, empathy, trust, recognition, kindness, purpose, regret, and so on.


We need a little more human in our leadership. I’m willing to try and figure out what that means.


I’d also love your assistance.


#1: Introduction to Cool People

If you have any stories of people or leaders who demonstrate what you think is love-based leadership, I would be so thrilled to receive an introduction. Perhaps their story could make it into the book. You can send an email directly to me, Dan, at


#2: Participate in the Survey

If you are interested in participating in the LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP survey, follow this link. It’s a chance for you to help shape what makes up a love-based leader. (coming soon)


#3: Share Research, Books, etc.

I am all about sharing. In fact, one of my favourite lines is “my network is my net worth.” If you have any data, research, examples, books, articles, videos, etc. that you’d like to share, please do so. I’m all ears. (send an email directly to me, Dan, at


#4: Join the Discussion

If you scroll to the bottom of this page there is a discussion forum that I am moderating. I encourage you to join, and to post your thoughts about LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP. (I’ll be sure to attribute you should they be used in the book!)


Many thanks in advance!


Publish date for LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP is October-ish, 2020.


In the meantime, visit the LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP podcast or the YouTube Channel or check out the direct links below.

Dan’s Love-Based Leadership Podcast Episodes

Dan’s Love-Based Leadership Video Segments

Love-Based Leadership Discussion


  • Dan Pontefract / 25 February 2019 9:12

    Hi there. I’m hoping to use this discussion space to engage with you about the concept of LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP.

    So, let’s get started.

    What do you think about the word love when it comes to leadership and your organization? Is it understood, misunderstood, used, abused, irrelevant, something else?

    If you were to define a LOVE-BASED LEADER, what qualities or traits would you use to describe them?

    If you could provide any advice to people who ought to adapt LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP qualities, what would it be?

  • Qantas Airways CEO Delivers A Great Example Of Love-Based Leadership | dan pontefract / 17 March 2019 7:51

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