February 7, 2014
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LinkedIn is not Facebook so Please Think Twice About Your Updates

logo-linkedinTo those that are beginning to utilize LinkedIn like Facebook, my apologies in advance, but I’ve been removing you from my network list.

To me, LinkedIn is a professional network / contact management arena and if you are using it to supply graphics of “what word do you see first” or “enter your email in the comment box and your direct contact list will grow by 100x”, well … you’ve lost the plot on the importance of what a business network is all about.



But it’s also what I might refer to as a ‘digital discipline’ strategy of mine.

Evidence below.

PS. If you’re going to post a graphic (or get sucked into the idiotic hope of a larger email network by playing along) you might want to try a function known as ‘spell check’.



9 Replies to “LinkedIn is not Facebook so Please Think Twice About Your Updates”

  1. Hi Dan,

    (Thankfully) I haven’t encountered this kind of spam yet. These people seem to think that merely having a connection on LinkedIn adds value to themselves in some way, but I would argue they are mistaken. Having as many connections as possible doesn’t provide real, lasting value.

    These people (the spammers) should spend more time thinking about how they can share value with others (spamming, I would argue, provides no value). Providing value for others will plant seeds of opportunity which will in some way, in some form, bring value back to themselves in the future.

    I agree with you that we’re getting to a point where what we need are smaller, tighter, more valuable networks.


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have seen more and more of these sorts of things popping up in my stream and I had the exact same thought – this is not Facebook people! Spamming, in the traditional sense, is the equivalent to junk mail and while this may not be spam on Facebook it is junk mail on my LinkedIn feed. The well-intention person may not think of their posting as spam, just something funny or light, but it is in fact spam for LinkedIn- and it needed to be said. So thank you once again for stepping up and shouting out!

  3. thanks for this one Dan-
    When I find my contacts adding too many of these types of updates, I simplify and hide them from the updates that I can view. Naturally, it does also block some updates or information that I would likely want to see, but I prefer quality content, not quantity. I barely have time to read articles related to my industry!
    Be Well, Deb

  4. Totally agree. This also includes liking photos of kids with cancer and having your children/pets or your surfboard in your profile photo.

  5. Fully agreed with Dan, I really don’t like some pictures like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, “Sucess sentence”. such the best way to sucess is …… balabala

  6. Absolutely agree on your point, Dan! Thanks for the shout out! Wondering if having ‘network moderators’ (could even be volunteers) to maintain the sanctity of LinkedIn (based on certain rules that members agree to) would be a good idea. Maybe an ‘UNLIKE’ button to start with…However, am also sure LinkedIn may not be ready for it, since for them, this (spamming activity) generates a whole lot of ‘traffic’.

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