March 4, 2023
Work-Life Bloom

Introducing the Work-Life BLOOM Playlists

Actually, maybe these should be called the “Work-Life Boom” playlists.

In my continued attempts to become an Apple Music DJ / host like my fellow Canadian, the mighty George (Strombo) Stroumboulopoulos, I figured my upcoming book needed a curated series of music playlists.

Like wine to meals or SPF 50 lotion to my very British skin, these book-music pairings are my attempts to create some harmony between words and notes.

The first weekend of every month until the book releases in late October, I’ll be releasing two different playlists. For March, there are two very eclectic mixes for you to consider.

Being a teenager from the 1980s means I am a vinyl kid at heart. And there was nothing that I liked better than getting my hands on the 12″ vinyl versions of amazing songs. Aside from beating my neighbours at solving the Rubik’s Cube in less time.

Back in the day— and by ‘day’ if you’re a Gen Z or Millennial, I mean pre-internet and having to wait in lines at record stores to buy an album—the 12″ versions of songs were an elongated escape from your parents. Some of the songs went on for ten minutes! And we loved it.

Some of the tracks were straight-up remixes that might have been arranged in completely different ways. My first playlist pays homage to those 12″ vinyl remixes titled “Dan Pontefract Work-Life Bloom: Classic ’80s 12″ Remixes Throwback (Vol 1).” (Yes, Volume 2 will release later on in 2023, where Wham! makes an appearance, so that’s obviously a reason to check back.)

The second playlist, titled “Dan Pontefract Work-Life Bloom: Classic Alternative Indie Vibe Throwback (Vol 1),” digs deep into some music offerings that seem to adroitly blend alternative and indie genres, indeed a sort of sweet spot from my blooming teens and early 20s.

“Never want to put my feet back on the ground,” lyrics from Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down deftly depict how blooming this first volume of alternative and indie tracks is to me. With artists ranging from the Ramones to Pulp to the Chemical Brothers and even Morrissey, this first volume screams interrogative. In other words, “Do you bloom?”

If I knew how to easily transfer this to Spotify, I would, but I’m an Apple Music subscriber, so hopefully, you figure it out if you’re not with Apple Music.


Hey! Why not pre-order my next book, Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes, which will be published in October 2023.

Watch the one-minute book trailer below. Or, visit the book’s microsite.

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