January 3, 2014

In 2014, I Will …

2014In 2014, I will …

  • Write a better book
    • Update: Well, I think I have … but the reader will be the ultimate judge
  • Find a new publisher (that believes in me)
    • Update: Not yet.
  • Convince HBR to feature me more than once
    • Update: Failed (only once) but did sign a contract with Forbes to start in 2015 (I also started writing at Huffington Post)
  • Re-read more Handy and Drucker
    • Update: Done. Delightful.
  • Be invited to speak at the Drucker Forum
    • Update: Done. Also delightful.
  • Visit Europe at least three times
    • Update: Done. Paris. Amsterdam. London. Stratford. Vienna.
  • Reach out to those I’ve dearly missed
    • Update. I’d give myself a B. Not quite as good as I expected of myself.
  • Respond to more tweets without including the original one (ie. just converse)
    • Update: Definitely. It’s been fun.
  • Reveal more of my true personality publicly
    • Update: Well I believe I’ve accomplished this, but who really cares?
  • Stop using 2.0 after anything
    • Update: I had one flagrant foul, but in my defense, I was relating back to 2008 when I used it.
  • Become more conscious of where I buy things from
    • Update: The January-April experiment of not buying anything from China was very, very hard.
  • Continue donating money and time to those in need
    • Update: Done. >$1500 donated in various forms and time given in multiple ways.
  • Accept my weaknesses & celebrate my natural strengths
    • Update: Utter failure.
  • Temper my ‘quick to judge’ tendencies
    • Update: Tempered, yes. Eradicated, no.
  • Enjoy the opportunity of launching a start-up consulting outfit in an $11 billion company
    • Update: It had its moments, but so far so good.
  • Read at least twelve books
    • Update: Nine, dammit. (but I am going to Maui and there is time left)
  • Tell better stories when I’m speaking
    • Update: The audience is the ultimate judge, but I believe I’ve worked hard on this one and seen some good results.
  • Shift ten pounds of weight around
    • Update: If I grab two pounds of skin from each side of my stomach, and shift it to the back, does that count?
  • Learn to take stunning photographs
    • Update: I have definitely learned how to do this. So much fun. (see below)
  • Pay it Forward more than I did in 2013
    • Update: Accomplished.
  • Answer every comment on this blog
    • Update: It was close, but no, I did not.
  • Assist Denise through her career decisions
    • Update: Hooray! We stayed put.
  • Support the goats through yet another transition
    • Update: If by transition you mean “we’re moving” and then “we’re staying” then yes, accomplished.
  • “Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day” (© Brian Reid)
    • Update: In spades.

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