May 2, 2013

I Have Never Worn a Watch

Sir Ken Robinson remarked in his indelible TED Talks a few years ago that his daughter saw no reason to wear a watch. As he stated, “My teenage daughter doesn’t wear a watch. She says, ‘It’s a singlefunction device, how lame is that?”

The audience roared.

watchI agree.

I have never worn a watch.


Well aside from that Goofy watch when I was a wee tot.

To me, watches are a bit like children attractions in Las Vegas. What’s the point?

Given mobile phone penetration is near 90% in the Western world, isn’t it time we gave up our watches? Wouldn’t we be doing the environment a favour if we refrained from purchasing new watches to adorn our wrists? Seeing as the use of mobile phones isn’t likely to be diminishing anytime soon, nor is our passion to upgrade, perhaps we can assist Earth by foregoing the purchase of watches.

I might provide clemency to runners, cyclists and athletes who require watches to time themselves, but do we really need watches in this the age of digital device timekeeping?

I’m on the watch. Go watchless.

Yes, even in spite of Apple’s alleged plans to bring to market iWatch.

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