October 16, 2020

How I Conduct Keynotes From Home

Here’s how I have conducted keynotes since the beginning of May. I’ve now delivered just over 30 virtual keynotes, so I’ve got some practice.

Wall-mounted 40-inch flatscreen TV. Apple TV air playing slides from Mac 1 while Mac 2 has two HD cameras plugged into it to deliver the feed to the client’s platform of choice.

Camera 1 for straight-on keynote and Camera 2 for Q&A while sitting down different views to engage the audience.

Sometimes I use a third angle as Camera 1 is a Tenveo 3X model that rotates 270degrees, so I might use it for a whiteboard session, as an example. Or I use it to tell a story with a different background, like my books.

Dependent on the platform I can switch cameras manually or by using Elgato Stream Deck.

PollEv embedded into PowerPoint so I get simultaneous crowd participation. Polls, word clouds, quizzes, etc. They love it.

Cordless Logitech USB mouse (obviously) to flip slides plugged into Mac 1. USB lav-mic hooked up to Mac 2. Sonos speakers in the office piping in any client audio hooked up to Mac 2 via Bluetooth.

QuickTime to record every keynote. (So I can capture it and use it later on for anything or any way I choose.) Adobe Premiere Essentials to create fantastic videos with transitions, cuts, audio overdubs, additional graphics, etc.

Six lights for (dark) morning sessions.

Moisturizer, baby powder, and prayers to make my head far less shiny.

Oh, and I wear shorts. That’s a plus.

More about me and my keynote speaking at:

And here’s a short video of the setup in action from my home studio.

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