March 18, 2024
Work-Life Bloom

Gold Medal Win for ‘Work-Life Bloom’

To my delighted surprise (proving that maybe it’s not just my coffee game that’s strong), my latest book, Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes, has won the Gold Medal in the Leadership category at the Axiom Business Book Awards. This unexpected honour is more than just an award—it’s a reminder that rethinking the way we integrate our work and life is starting to take shape.

In Work-Life Bloom, I challenge the outdated notion of ‘work-life balance’ as well as ’employee engagement’ and introduce a more dynamic, holistic approach to work and life. My premise is about creating an environment where individuals and teams can thrive in both spheres. Drawing from extensive research involving nearly 10,000 leaders and team members across the globe, the book uncovers twelve key work-life factors that influence our state of flourishing.

Each of us has to remember, however, that the whole of our lives and careers will be found in various cycles, just like the perpetual change in the seasons.

Winning this gold medal award is incredibly meaningful as it underscores the book’s core message: fostering an ecosystem where work and life are not competing priorities but complementary elements that contribute to our overall well-being and success.

As I write in the book:

Our lives shape our work; nevertheless, our work shapes us.

Work-Life Bloom

Grateful – Gold Medal for Work-Life Bloom

I am grateful for the gold medal recognition from the Axiom Business Book Awards judging panel and hope this accolade will help spread the message further, inspiring leaders and organizations worldwide to nurture environments where everyone can BLOOM.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, including my publisher, Figure 1 Publishing.

Let’s continue to push for a world where we rid ourselves of such antiquated thinking like work-life balance and employee engagement.

BLOOM, there it is. 🌸

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And if you haven’t read or listened to the book, what is stopping you?

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