March 8, 2013
flat army

Flat Army Dedication

In advance of the book actually publishing, I’m releasing the dedication:

Some men are born to gather women’s tears,
To give a harbour to their timorous fears,
To take them as the dry earth takes the rain,
As the dark wood the warm wind from the plain;
Yet their own tears remain unshed,
Their own tumultuous fears unsaid,
And, seeming steadfast as the forest and the earth
Shaken are they with pain.
They cry for voice as earth might cry for the sea
Or the wood for consuming fire;
Unanswered they remain
Subject to the sorrows of women utterly—
Heart and mind,
Subject as the dry earth to the rain
Or the dark wood to the wind.

—Duncan Campbell Scott

For Denise:
May you continue to catch my tears and debunk my fears.
For all the years.
You prove the paradox wrong.


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