July 9, 2016
The Purpose Effect

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“It’s great to have this book to add to the conversation about deeper ways to improve the poor levels of employee engagement that exist inorganizations today. Too often, we only hear about the “corporate ROI” from working to improve engagement, and fail to talk about the personal impact to people from working in environments that force them to leave their passion and values at the door. With The Purpose Effect, we can add a new dynamic to move the conversation forward about the shared ownership for engagement.”
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The Purpose Effect provides a roadmap for how we can develop personal purpose in our lives, in the organizations we work for, and in our specific role within an organization. Pontefract powerfully shows why we need to pay attention to each of these in relationship to one another.”
“How do you find a personal purpose and a business purpose that are in sync, to be the driver of business success, as well as your own happiness? I just finished a new book, “The Purpose Effect,” by renowned author Dan Pontefract, that provides a good framework and background or doing just that. I recommend his tips for creating and maintaining that sweet spot.”
Martin Zwilling, Forbes
“Advocating corporate social responsibility, The Purpose Effect: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role, and Your Organization, by Dan Pontefract, is an inspiring how-to guide that proposes a plan to move away from the all too common us-versus-them mentality toward building more collaborative and productive relationships between organizations and employees.”
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“Is Pontefract’s work the end of the search for engagement? Not likely, but it does move us along the journey to find meaning in our work, and that can’t be a bad thing.”
The Bellingham Business Journal

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