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Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers) | dan pontefract
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Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers)

Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers)

My latest project is centred on love.

I’m spending an entire two years or so noodling on the word love, and its relationship to leadership.

We need more of it in our lives and in particular our organizations. Our places of work desperately require a little more love.

It is arguably cliché, however with February upon us I started to reflect on the word love and its partnership to music.

A year ago I started this little side project; a monthly curated music playlist. I love it. I love music. I love spending time listening to it, finding new sounds, artists, poems, and so on.

It really is a part of me.

And I love it.

And that’s okay.

This playlist is for those who love, who want to love more, and who need to be loved.

Maybe by you.

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