Strategic Planning

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Let’s be honest. Bringing in an outside voice to facilitate any strategic planning session is a leap of faith. When you bring Dan Pontefract to the table, rest assured that leap is the least bit frightening.

With 25+ years of conducting strategic planning sessions and related workshops, Dan knows exactly how to achieve the desired outcomes.

Using the simplest of agendas, including various modes of feedback gathering, Dan will guide the entire room (and hybrid/virtual participants if you so choose) to a highly collaborative end-state.

Dan’s agenda is blunt:

  • Review the current state
  • Outline the desired future state
  • Identify the gaps between the two
  • Prioritize outcomes, actions, and metrics
  • Identify owners and timelines

If you need help getting unstuck and getting all stakeholders singing from the same choir sheet, Dan’s approach may be just what you’re looking for.

One very popular module is his PVM-V Series, where he takes leadership teams through a purpose-vision-mission-values journey, assessing the organization’s current state and discussing ways to reset for an improved future state. He uses his First and Second Laws of Good Business model to make the case.

Send an email to to set up a time in which to discuss your strategic planning needs.

What Our Clients are Saying

WOW what a talk! I have been inundated with positive feedback from your keynote all weekend. You hit the nail on the head in terms of what’s happening in our organization and your examples really resonated with our group. One of our Execs was really thankful for how you directly tackled the ‘elephants in our room.’

Vice-President, Manulife

Dan accomplished what we set out to do, which was not only to be inspirational, but also to leave everyone with tools and food for thought / self-reflection to improve their personal and professional lives.

Hermann Handa, FCT

Dan challenged us to have clarity of purpose, both as individuals and as an organization. He related inspiring stories drawing on his experience in business, technology and academia. As he said, ‘There is no ownership without belonging.’

Christian Pantel, D2L

Dan is a conference organizer’s ideal speaker. Not only did he inspire and energize our group, but he also masterfully adapted his content so it resonated with the audience and our conference theme. As a bonus, Dan is able to nimbly navigate to adjust to a reduced time slot when other speakers went over time without sacrificing the impact of his session.

Director and General Counsel


Dan has also delivered four different TEDx Talks. You can watch them over here.


Inc. named him one of the top 100 leadership speakers.


Dan was honoured to be on the Thinkers50 radar list. In 2019, he was shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Talent Award.


Dan was named as one of Engagedly’s Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2020