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Everyone has been affected by the pandemic. Like it or not, a post-pandemic world of work is much different.

The question? Is your organizational culture, leadership practices or hybrid work model good enough to withstand employee expectations? Bottom line: there is no going back to a pre-Covid workplace. The world has changed, and you better as well.

You’ve read the stats. Employees not only want a hybrid model—where they can work flexibly both in the office and remotely—they demand a transparent, collaborative, and caring corporate culture. And if they don’t get both, they’re more likely than ever to find an organization that does. This puts you in quite a situation: do nothing, or do something.

Here’s how to do something about it.



A Post-Pandemic Future Forward

In order for you to move forward with successful post-pandemic operating practices, it is imperative that you understand the impact the pandemic has had on your organization and your people.

It is critical to further ascertain what was working prior to COVID-19 and what needs to be done differently going forward be it with your leadership styles, business processes, hybrid work models, technology, collaboration practices, amongst a host of other criteria.

What are employees and leaders thinking, feeling and believing? What is the difference between a pre-pandemic operating culture and the current day?

All of these factors impact productivity, engagement, creativity and potentially customer satisfaction.

Our highly customizable and tailored assessments can help you pinpoint a way forward.

Full Assessment

A “full assessment” takes place over a 3-4-month cycle and all aspects of your operating practices are assessed. 

The end result is an analysis report that details the current state, as well as a large number of short and long-term recommendations for change.

  • A 3-4 month asynchronous exercise to assess your culture, leadership and hybrid work practices & where it could go.
  • Three key actions within the assessment:
    • 1:1 executive interviews
    • Employee focus groups
    • Enterprise-wide surveying
  • End result? An executive analysis report chock full of where the culture lies in addition to recommendations on what to change over the short, medium, and long-term.
  • Includes a kickoff meeting and final presentation.

Download the Full Assessment overview document.

Sprint Assessment

The second type, “sprint assessment,” takes four to six weeks and focuses on a subset of operating practices. While not as exhaustive as the full assessment, the sprint assessment is ideal for those clients looking to assess particular components of the organization’s operating practices without assessing all aspects completely.

The approach is similar where there are focus groups and 1:1 interviews, but there are fewer sessions than the full assessment. A survey is optional.

The end result is an executive briefing document that highlights the strengths and opportunities of those specific operating practices that were assessed.

Download the Sprint Assessment overview document.

Past clients of both types of assessments include the Government of Canada, ICBC, BC Translink, BCLC, Vancouver Airport Authority, TD Bank and LCBO

What Our Clients are Saying

Dan accomplished what we set out to do, which was not only to be inspirational, but also to leave everyone with tools and food for thought / self-reflection to improve their personal and professional lives.

Hermann Handa, FCT

Dan challenged us to have clarity of purpose, both as individuals and as an organization. He related inspiring stories drawing on his experience in business, technology and academia. As he said, ‘There is no ownership without belonging.’

Christian Pantel, D2L

WOW what a talk! I have been inundated with positive feedback from your keynote all weekend. You hit the nail on the head in terms of what’s happening in our organization and your examples really resonated with our group. One of our Execs was really thankful for how you directly tackled the ‘elephants in our room.’

Vice-President, Manulife

Dan is a conference organizer’s ideal speaker. Not only did he inspire and energize our group, but he also masterfully adapted his content so it resonated with the audience and our conference theme. As a bonus, Dan is able to nimbly navigate to adjust to a reduced time slot when other speakers went over time without sacrificing the impact of his session.

Director and General Counsel


Dan has also delivered four different TEDx Talks. You can watch them over here.


Inc. named him one of the top 100 leadership speakers.


Dan was honoured to be on the Thinkers50 radar list. In 2019, he was shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Talent Award.


Dan was named as one of Engagedly’s Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2020