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2015: ATD BEST of the BEST Hall of Fame

2014: ATD BEST Award Winner

2014: Learning! 100 Award Winner

2014: Skillsoft Innovation Award Winner

2013: Learning! 100 Award Winner

2013: ATD BEST Award Winner

2013: CSTD Award Winner

2013: Skillsoft Innovation Award Winner

2012: Brandon-Hall ‘Strategy & Governance’ Award Winner

2012: Chief Learning Officer ‘Innovation’ Award Winner

2012: SkillSoft Leader of the Year

2012: ATD BEST Award Winner

2011: Corporate University Best in Class “Leader of the Year”

2011: ATD BEST Award Winner

2010: Corporate University Best in Class “Leader of the Year”

2010: Chief Learning Officer “Vanguard Award Winner”

2009: ATD BEST Award Winner

2009: Aberdeen Group Learning Award

2008: Business Objects “Elements Leader” Award Winner

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