June 27, 2020

Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Given the chances of a face-to-face book and speaking tour in 2020 for LEAD. CARE. WIN. is as likely as me growing a full head of hair again, I am hosting three separate virtual book launch events.

The sessions are 60-minutes in length, with 40-45 minutes dedicated to an overview of the book through a keynote and the rest earmarked for Q&A.

The timeslots are set so that people from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand all have a chance to partake live. (Yes, I’ll be staying up late and getting up early for some of them given I live in the Pacific time zone.)

Events are as follows in Pacific Time:

  • September 29, 9:00am PT
  • September 30, 6:00am PT
  • October 1, 8:00pm PT

Each event is free but limited to 500 spots.

There are also 25 spots available immediately following each virtual book launch event for a private, 90-minute session with me. We’ll break down the book even further, take more of your questions, have a more intimate experience, and essentially get into some virtual work-shopping with respect to the book’s main thrusts. (There is a small fee. Expense it!)

Click below to register for the virtual book launch events. You will have the opportunity to register for the private events as well as ordering signed copies of the book. (I’ll personally write a note to whomever you wish, and write whatever you want.) Also, as a bonus, there’s FREE SHIPPING for any number of the books that you order. (Anywhere in the world!

Register Below

More Book News…

Pre-Order Incentive: Free Webcast for Your Organization

I’m also offering the chance to have me speak at your company or organization. Purchase at least 50 copies of the book prior to August 31 and you will receive a free 60-minute webcast session with me and up to 500 of your work colleagues. Send proof of purchase to leadcarewin@danpontefract.com and we’ll get it sorted.

Online Learning Modules – Coming Very Soon

I have been busy putting together a series of courses that map back to each of the 9 lessons found in LEAD. CARE. WIN. You will be able to purchase the courses individually, as a bundle, or they can be uploaded to your organization’s learning management system (LMS) in the fall. 

How Can I Pre-Order?

LEAD. CARE. WIN. is available in a multitude of different shops, large and small. I’d love for you to support an independent bookshop if possible. If not, click on any of the logos found below. (Yes, an audiobook is coming. And yes, an ePub version is also available to pre-order)

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