Announcing Speak Aid 2020

UPDATE, APRIL 11: Speak Aid 2020 Registration Now Open – click for details


In this time of uncertainty, angst and working from home, patterns have changed and new norms are quickly being crafted.

One of the norms to have seemingly vanished overnight was face-to-face professional development.

Be it the conference, workshop, training event or social, the chance to learn from one another in a face-to-face arena has been put on hold.

That’s why I asked several of my friends if they might be interested in being part of a free virtual conference. No cost, no fees, just 30-ish of the smartest and most thoughtful speakers out there giving back, to help you and your development.

May I introduce you to Speak Aid 2020, a live, virtual conference that will take place between the dates of April 20 and 24.

40 keynotes spread across 5 days from 40 speakers.

It’s gonna be magnificent. (And yes, totally free.)

Click here to register, and more importantly, to pre-register for the details when they become officially available. (Things like speaker names, topics, schedules, etc.)

Stay safe everyone. (And please share the news.)

Spread the word. Not the virus.

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One comment on “Announcing Speak Aid 2020”

  1. Dan….you did a fabulous job of bringing great minds together and providing relevant and useful content. I was most impressed by the respectful, open and fun atmosphere you created during those 4 days. Plus the funds you raised for Red Cross……thank you!

    I am following up as you mentioned you would be sending a link to getAbstract for free for a certain amount of days. My email is

    Finally, I made a donation but I think it went to you rather than Red Cross. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance,

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