September 2, 2015

A Whole Lotta Learning And Love

In the spirit of “working out loud” I’m resurfacing long enough to capture a few of my thoughts that have been gnawing at me since I decided to check out from all things ‘social’ in early July.

  • While I have dearly missed my connections and network in various social channels, ironic as it has seemed to me, it has been a worthwhile experience fully checking out and focusing my efforts on book writing and reading.
  • I’ve cheated a few times and checked in on certain things I might have been tagged in, but perhaps that’s a by-product of the morphine drip that is ‘social’.
    • Some people have actually noticed I’m not using social media these days — by virtue of sending me an email, text or phone call to see if I am alive — and to those that have inquired, thanks so much, I am doing just dandy!
    • PS. I even publicly joined Instagram. (i.e. my private/anonymous account was deleted)
  • My writing? Clearer. Happier. Positive. (of course it’s still an endless nightmare of being far too conversational and not ‘business-like’, but like Bob Dylan once said, “That’s my style, man.”
  • My mood? Clearer. Happier. Positive. (of course it’s still an endless nightmare of goat attacks all day all the time, but at some point in the future those investments made in the 12-, 10-, and 8-year old kids will have to pay off.)
  • The next book? Honestly, I am loving where it is going. 92,000 words will become 65,000-ish. 13 chapters will become 8. Additional stories (new, updated and forgotten) are being woven into the plot. A new model magically surfaced that made everything crystallize and come together. There is a new title and sub-title (to be divulged at some point) and a new publish date – May 10, 2016. I received out-of-this-world face-to-face feedback from my John Lennon friend in July, and in full disclosure, am now working with George Harrison (aka @IndaloGenesis) on the overall structure and flow. (He is fab – if you are writing a book, ring him up.)

bikeAll in all, as hard as it was to literally say, “Stop the Press” in late June regarding my second book, I could not be in a more fulfilling, flourishing and fantastic state of mind.

The book may still be crap … but I know in my heart that what I have gone through (and where I am at in terms of my emotional state) makes it that much more worthwhile.

I am both learning and loving, again.

Ancora Imparo.

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