A Personal Message of Thanks

A short, personal message of thanks one week after the release of Flat Army.

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Flat Army

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2 comments on “A Personal Message of Thanks”

  1. Hi Dan, this is such an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations.

    I’ve shared your process post on using Evernote to write the book, it is a very helpful, inspiring piece. I am also a long-time Evernote user, but I never thought about using it as you did. Thanks for the advice. I also use Scrivner — have you used that tool?

    More about process: I’ve read that “a book is the new business card” and that publishing is critically important for thought leaders — to communicate both message and their personal brand. I’d love to read your perspective on how it feels to have completed this book, and if you are already thinking about doing another. I’d also love to know if the process of writing it influenced your analysis in unexpected ways?

    Thanks Dan,

  2. Hey Sidneyeve,

    Yes, I’m a huge proponent of Evernote. I absolutely love it. I used Scrivner for about a week and retreated back to Evernote.

    Regarding ‘the new business card’ point, that’s an interesting one. Part of me says that it is … these days it seems a thought leader without a book is a thought leader missing a key piece of acumen. Perhaps it’s a sad reflection on the state of things, but I believe it’s true. On the other hand, part of me ‘wished’ it weren’t the case and that someone’s experience, blog writing, published articles and past speaking/teaching experience might do the trick. But that’s, perhaps, a day that has now passed us.

    In terms of the writing process, I’m both a data pack-rat and a voracious reader of academic papers and research. (nerd alert) I do so in hopes of translating it in the work I do in my places of work or through speaking, etc. It turns out, this came in very handy when writing the book. I delved a bit more into this ‘habit’ and it most certainly influenced some of my thinking. For example, I used to be a huge fan of Granovetter but I pulled back and reframed my thoughts after finding and review Burt. It reshaped Chapter 7 for certain. (The Participative Leader Framework)

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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