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We May Not Always | dan pontefract
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We May Not Always

We May Not Always

We may no14944944452_4d85c8c964_kt always be near one another, but I think about you often.

We may not always agree, but I always respect your opinion.

We may not always want the same things, but I love your creativity.

We may not always be equal, but I look up to you in awe.

We may not always enjoy one another, but cooler heads usually prevail.

We may not always be responsive, but guilt has its way of ensuring the line reconnects.

We may not always adjust for speed bumps, but dreams don’t come to fruition smoothly.

We may not always say please or thank you, but my reverence for you is boundless.

We may not always plan ahead, but trust tends to bide us some time.

We may not always hug it out, but in my heart I know we both deeply care.

We may not always light a fire, but sparks seemingly fly no matter the scenario.

We may not always reciprocate, but no one is keeping score.

We may not always laugh, but appreciation doesn’t always need to be heard.

We may not always love, but hate is never an option.

We may not always … but as you know, always, we just may.





  • Brian / 12 December 2014 8:40

    Thanks for expressing the thoughts I would like to have. I do.

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