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writing highlights



Purpose Focus

  1. How I Nearly Ruined My Personal Purpose
  2. If There Is No Trust Or Joy At Work There Is A Low Chance For Purpose
  3. Defining a Leader’s Duty of Care
  4. The Great Transformation of the Organization Still Needs the How
  5. How B Corps Just Might Eliminate the Foolishness of Maximizing Shareholder Return
  6. A Lesson On Balancing Purpose With Profit
  7. Can Humanism Replace Capitalism?

Flat Army by Dan Pontefract

Flat Army Book Focus

  1. the FLAT ARMY cheat sheet
  2. Flat Army Golden Circle
  3. I Wrote a 90,000 Word Book Entirely in Evernote
  4. Wordle Graphic of Flat Army
  5. Flat Army Book Launch Party … A Sea of Humanity

BONUS: Flat Army is available in a 7-page overview format thanks to friends at Ebsco



Collaboration Focus

  1. The ABC’s of Collaboration (with infographics)
  2. The Collaboration Cycle
  3. The Collaboration Curve
  4. How Do You Know When You Have Reached a Collaborative Culture?
  5. You are the Collective Wisdom of both Strong & Weak Ties


Leadership Focus

  1. Rethinking the Work of Leadership
  2. Do You Surround Yourself With No?
  3. The Remarkable Leadership Story of Conner & Cayden Long
  4. Steer Clear of Organizational Leadership Turbulence
  5. Case Study: Tim Hockey, a Collaborative & Transparent CEO

BONUS: I wrote a whitepaper entitled “The Leadership Tonic Scale” – download the PDF

BONUS: You can download “The Simple Act of Trusting” PDF for free.



Learning Focus

  1. It’s Time to Revolutionize Corporate Learning
  2. Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore
  3. An Infographic Depicting Learning & Collaboration in Action
  4. Learning 2.0 Tetrad Through Marshall McLuhan
  5. The Standalone LMS is Dead

BONUS: download “Learning Nouveau” – a free business decision maker white paper


Employee Engagement Focus

  1. Storytelling is Engagement
  2. Can Employee Engagement Improve Customer Satisfaction?
  3. What is Engagement Anyway?
  4. Holacracy Is Not The Answer To Your Employee Disengagement Issues
  5. Bill Sullivan, CEO of Agilent Technologies is a Chief Engagement Officer


Collaboration Tools Focus

  1. Use Cases for a Corporate YouTube in Organizations
  2. A Review of SAP Jam
  3. Micro-blogging can help build your organisational culture
  4. Virtual Worlds in the Workplace
  5. Use Cases for Badges in the Enterprise


Just a Little Different

  1. The Fallacy of Digital Natives
  2. Going Forward to the Past: Management Yahooliganism & No Longer Working From Home
  3. The Organization as a Cycling Peloton
  4. Should Companies Allow Facebook at Work?
  5. I Am A Corporate Floater


Getting Personal

  1. Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why
  2. I’m Not Scared of Email; I Developed a System called DADDIO
  3. 42-24 … I’m 42 Today: What I’d Say to a 24 Year Old Me
  4. Looking Back on Four Decades: My Top 40 Learning Moments
  5. An 8 Year-Old Does Social Learning


Words of the Year

  1. 2016 – Purpose
  2. 2015 – Conation
  3. 2014 – Communitas
  4. 2013 – Autotelic
  5. 2012 – Interlocutor
  6. 2011 – Reciprocity