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OPEN to THINK - a new book by author Dan Pontefract
OPEN to THINK, the next book from author Dan Pontefract publishing September 11, 2018. Dream. Decide. Do. Repeat.
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Releasing September 11, 2018


While it may not occur to us on a daily basis, there is a widespread cultural tendency toward quick decisions and quick action. This pattern has resulted in many of society’s greatest successes, but even more of its failures. Though the root cause is by no means malicious, we have begun to reward speed over quality, and the negative effects suffered in both our personal and professional lives are potentially catastrophic.


Society has lost its grip on what matters most: the ability to think.


Best-selling author and Chief Envisioner Dan Pontefract has witnessed the collapse of “open thinking” and believes should leaders want highly engaged and customer-savvy employees, a better way of thinking must be introduced.


In Dan’s third book, OPEN to THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, and Make Better Decisions, he suggests that in order to mitigate calamities such as a relentless pursuit of action mixed with the pressure to “do more with less” individuals and teams must combine creative, critical, and applied thinking.


“Open Thinking” is a cyclical process in which creativity is encouraged, critiquing leads to better decisions, and thoughtful action delivers positive, sustainable results. He proposes a return to balance between the three components of productive thought: dreaming, deciding, and doing.


Based on organizational and societal data, academic research, historical studies, and a wide range of interviews, OPEN to THINK is an appeal for a world of better thinking. Pontefract introduces tangible, actionable strategies to improve the way we think as organizations and individuals.


To become an Open Thinker, one must understand the relationship between reflection and action, and how it can negatively or positively affect an outcome.


Are you ready for Open Thinking?

Dream. Decide. Do. Repeat.


Are you Open to Think?


Publishing September 11, 2018 with Figure 1 Publishing.


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Book Testimonials

“OPEN TO THINK gets down to the basics — providing a model for how to optimize your thinking to become more creative, more efficient, and more effective. With this book, you can reshape your thinking to eliminate bad habits and strengthen your mind for the challenges of today’s business world.”

– Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE