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the blog of dan pontefract | OPEN to THINK (2018)
OPEN TO THINK, the next book from author Dan Pontefract publishing April 10, 2018
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OPEN to THINK (2018)

There is a rising, future state where society will be wrestling with an unprecedented crisis. That predicament is the ability to think.


Since the dawn of the Internet, the number of people who prefer action over reflection has increased. We have become too over programmed to generate better decisions because there is an imbalance between dreaming, deciding and doing.


Put simply, our constant busyness and state of distractedness is causing untold consequences.


No longer will money be the divide between the haves and have-nots.  The “new capital” and thus the new “One Percent” are those who will be able to demonstrate something that I have defined as “Open Thinking.”


Organizations that have not prepared for the crisis will become locked in expensive wars for talent. They are at a serious disadvantage to those who saw what was coming, who take action.


And individuals who fail to be Open Thinkers will wind up not only miserable, but replaced by those that are.


Life will increasingly be tied to both culture and purpose, validated and then improved by the ability to ideate and shape our progress. My first book, FLAT ARMY (2013), discussed the need for collaborative organizations. My second book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT (2016), outlined the need for three types of purpose: personal, organizational and role.


My third book, OPEN to THINK (April 10, 2018), investigates the standing of both individual and organizational thinking, surfacing an antidote to aid what can only be described as a calamitous current state.


Individuals and leaders should be striving for an environment where creativity is encouraged, critiquing leads to better decisions while thoughtful action delivers positive and sustainable results. OPEN to THINK is an appeal for better thinking while introducing supporting mechanisms to assist. To become an Open Thinker, one must understand the relationship between reflection and action, and how it can negatively or positively affect an outcome.


Based on author Dan Pontefract’s first-hand professional experience and observations, academic research, historical stories, organizational and societal data as well as a wide range of interviews with those working in a variety of occupations, OPEN to THINK proposes a strategy for better thinking.


Are you ready for Open Thinking?


Are you Open to Think?


Coming April 10, 2018.

We are powerfully imprisoned in these Dark Ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.

~Buckminster Fuller

Cogito ergo sum.

~Rene Descartes


Publishing April 10, 2018