book two

comingsoonIf Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization was written with leadership and the organization in mind, the second book is from the vantage point of the workplace, careers and general happiness.

dp_standingI’m looking for stories.

I’m particularly looking for stories about people who have broken free from a professional career situation that otherwise might be coined mundane and boring and driven positive change with their career. I’m also interested to hear from employees & people who have risen from within an organization — to new lateral or vertical positions in the organization or in another organization altogether — but did so predicated on their own beliefs that they were in charge and no one else. That is, they drove the change and didn’t rely on a rudderless organization, disengaging boss, hopeless team, etc.

I’m also interested in leaders who have stories to share where either they have helped members of their team achieve career greatness … or … they themselves have taken the ‘bull by the horns’ and personally shifted from a crappy to happy career development mindset.

It’s your chance to share your story.

Feel free to contact me directly dp at danpontefract dot com I’d love to hear from you.


UPDATE: I’m leaning toward calling it:

“It’s Work Not Jail: The Difference Between a Job and a Career With Purpose”