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comingsoonDUAL PURPOSE: Redefining the Meaning of Work

Publishing November 10, 2015. (Elevate Pub)


You recognize that there is a need for a true balance between purpose and profit, between power and sense. You yearn for equilibrium between management and meaning. Regardless of what type of organization you work for or what level your leadership rank begets — your quest is one of “DUAL PURPOSE”. That is, you seek to deliver a ‘dual purpose’ in your leadership responsibilities, and naturally, it happens in two ways.

First, you want to take aim at redefining the true purpose of an organization, redefining the meaning of work. The organization must be reset, and through the Good DEEDS model, you will learn how to make this happen.

Second, you want to help develop sustainable and flourishing roles for those you are leading in the organization that employs you by redefining the definition of working. To accomplish this feat, The Purpose Path is a model that outlines the differences between a job, career and purpose mindset.

DUAL PURPOSE breaks down the true purpose of purpose in the workplace and suggests that there are two parts to purposeful organizational impact. The central arc of this book: every leader has a responsibility to redefine the purpose of an organization and assist employees to reach a sense of purpose in their roles.