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FLAT ARMY, a book by author Dan Pontefract
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Leaders of any ilk and department are struggling.


Society is awash with social technologies; employees want to be included in the conversations and decisions; and management is stuck sorting out how teams should operate with dated leadership models against a new and technology-sophisticated social world order.


There is no easy way to undo what years and even decades of command-and-control management practices have done to leaders–and to the disengaged employee.


The process of change has to start with the leadership in any organization, and Flat Army is designed to prevent your organization’s ship from sinking.


Dan Pontefract knows and understands what happens to an organization when employees are unhappy and uncommitted. More importantly, he knows what it takes to create a leadership culture that drives engagement, empowerment and encouragement amongst continued execution. In any of the corporate leadership roles he has held, he demonstrates a steadfast belief that a collaborative, connected and participative leadership framework is the only way in which to operate.


Flat Army surfaces five key frameworks that can help you and your organization make the shift too. How can you become a visible and collaborative leader? How can you empower and energize all teams and units? How can you build a sense of common purpose and celebrate the wins? The lessons of experience are at your fingertips, as well as the models, strategies and initiatives that Dan recommends to help you instill a true culture of collaboration.


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  • Bill IvesDan Pontefract’s Flat Army: A Review
    • “Collaboration tools can turn Taylorism on its head so learning goes up and down the enterprise and the whole structure is flatted. I would certainly agree with Dan’s views here. However, precisely because of this transformative change in communication it takes a cultural change to work. This is much of the content in Dan’s very useful book.”
  • Kaye Parker (Chronicle Herald) “BUSINESS BOOKSHELF: Strong ideas on engaged staff”
    • “Flat Army was very well thought out and well constructed. The flow made perfect sense, and was easy to follow. I’d be quick to recommend this to anyone who wanted to become a leader, or anyone who wanted to go beyond their present scope of leadership.”

Comprehensive, clear and compelling coverage of how to strive for unity and success while shedding ourselves of hierarchical stumbling blocks.

Bill Jensen, Author of Simplicity and Disrupt!

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