If I Were a Training Vendor …

Last year, I posted some thoughts on the evolution of the training vendor entitled “An Updated Business Model for Training Vendors“. This is the bulleted form follow-up to that post. Formal Learning Thoughts Instructor-led classes are not going away … but don’t make it your only value proposition, make it part of the arsenal How […]

Social Net-Work-Life Balance

Seeing as it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (at various entry dates) I thought it would be interesting to analyze my own personal / professional network to understand if any trends might be occurring. Secondly, I’m using this analysis as a basis to personally reflect […]

It’s Not Just About Culture

There are organizations in this world that ‘get it’, there are those that are figuring it out, and there are those that just can’t see the light. I’m referring to the tsunami of change concerning the way in which people expect to operate, not just inside the corporate walls, but as good ole human beings. […]