Vancouver is Home to Several ‘Social’ Rock Stars


Although Boston, Austin and Silicon Valley are home to both companies and personalities considered to be heavyweights in the Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, Social Business, Technology, Open Leadership, Social Learning and Social Media spaces, — phew — I’d like to introduce you to Vancouver – or, as I’d like to rename it, Vancoolver. Although biased, I […]

Is George Siemens Right? Social Media is like Letters to the Editor


While I was enjoying a separation from the external world of social media this past summer, George Siemens of Athasbasca University, authored a very stirring if not controversial post entitled “Losing interest in social media: there is no there there“.  After finally dusting off my mental cobwebs and getting around to reading articles, research and blog […]

Dear Mr. Machado – A Few Connected Learning Options for You

Dear Mr. Machado, Your story is heart-warming. Thanks so much for taking the time to write the email, sharing your story, and posing your question about a ‘connected learning’ environment. In the spirit of collaboration, I’ve taken the liberty of responding to your request via this blog posting versus another email, but have kept you […]

Dear Mr. Pontefract – I Need a Connected Learning Platform

Dear Mr. Pontefract, I would like to know your opinion on a few problems I´m facing in my E-learning 2.0 project. I know that you are probably very busy at the moment and one thing you can do is to “delete” this e-mail but I will try to tell you a short story about me […]

Learning 2.0 is Dumb: Use ‘Connected Learning’ Instead

Going forward, and as best I can, I’ll use the term ‘Connected Learning’ to describe a knowledge ecosystem made up of formal, informal and social learning behaviours and modalities. It’s about time I (and perhaps you as well) retire the term Learning 2.0. There are a few reasons for this: Learning will forever be part […]