The Remarkable Leadership Story of Conner & Cayden Long


If ever you doubted the power of the human condition or the effect open leadership can have, watch this story of Conner and Cayden Long. Recipients of the Sports Illustrated SportsKid of the Year award for 2012, these two young brothers will not only melt your heart, they will instantly define for you the type […]

The Mysterium Tremendum Leader

puppet on a string

They are the weak, the bullies, the ruthless They become and personify the finger that points at a scapegoat, gleefully abdicating any responsibility for erroneous outcomes or missed targets. They ascend to positions of power through matador like precision. Their sword is not metal, rather a behavioural style that aims to demean, command or enforce. Collectively there are hundreds […]

Stop Killing Your Corporate Culture

According to Waterstone Human Capital and their 2010 Canadian Corporate Culture Study Results: 71 per cent of respondents say their organization’s corporate culture drives sales and revenue In a series of interviews in 2010, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn/Ferry International, surfaced the following: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is known for promoting openness and […]