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LinkedIn is not Facebook so Please Think Twice About Your Updates

To those that are beginning to utilize LinkedIn like Facebook, my apologies in advance, but I’ve been removing you from my network list. To me, LinkedIn is a professional network / contact management arena and if you are using it to supply graphics of “what word do you see first” or “enter your email in…

Is Facebook a Narcissistic Walled Garden?

I performed an anonymous experiment over the summer of 2013. I left Facebook. It wasn’t one of those celebrated public cries to the masses which normally goes something like, “hey everyone, I’m fed up with social tools and social networks and social sandwiches so I’m going to go into digital hibernation for a while ……

40% of the search traffic to danpontefract.com is because of the term ‘facebook’

I thought I’d make use of the Jetpack statistics function that comes with my WordPress installation of this site to determine what terms people entered into a search engine over the past year that brought them directly to danpontefract.com First of all, I suppose I should thank Mark Zuckerberg for coming up with the term…


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