Too Dot Oh: Making Sense of the Terrible 2’s

I knew things were starting to go a little 2.0 crazy when our 3rd child (and second daughter) was being referred to as Claire 2.0 by family, friends, etc. Her actual name is Cate. (the oldest is Claire) So how are we to make sense of this 2.0 landscape when everything seems to be coined […]

HR in a 2.0 World: Leading vs. Following

Dave Ulrich is right when he says “HR holds the key to an organization’s future success”, but alas, I believe that this prophecy will only ring true if HR itself becomes ambassadors of a 2.0 world. Recently I delivered a presentation to roughly 100 leaders in and amongst the HR ranks. 3 key points I […]

Learning 2.0 Tetrad Through Marshall McLuhan

If you haven’t heard of Marshall McLuhan, well you’re simply missing out on one of Canada’s most innovative minds. Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program of Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto since 1983 wrote McLuhan for Managers in 2003. Shamefully, I didn’t know about the book until this year, courtesy of Jon Husband. […]

Story Telling & Culture

I really like what Peter Bregman has to say in his latest post entitled, “The Best Way To Change A Corporate Culture“. In essence, he states that it’s not only systems, packages, programs, etc. that might need to be changed (which I argue, they most definitely need to be at some point in time) rather […]