Can Employee Engagement Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Yes. I thought about ending it right there but I figured I’d get lambasted by the Interweb pundits so in the end, I decided against being so cheeky. But yes, employee engagement does in fact improve customer satisfaction. Innately, I suspect you know this is true as well. If employees feel as though they are […]

Bill Sullivan, CEO of Agilent Technologies is a Chief Engagement Officer


In my quest to highlight CEO’s that are truly game changers, believers & practitioners of the thoughts and concepts written in this space, I came across Bill Sullivan of Agilent Technologies. What a gem! If you’ve never heard of Agilent Technologies, a few fast facts: Agilent at its core is a measurement solutions company focusing […]

Has the Economic Meltdown & 9/11 Impacted our Definition of Teams?


Whether society is currently in the middle of one massive economic meltdown that commenced in 2007 (which even the IMF has trouble discerning what the root cause was or is) or we’re entering into another distinct meltdown period altogether (ie. 2011 onward), one thing for certain is that the times, they are a changing. Thanks […]

How Do You Know When You Have Reached a Collaborative Culture?


‘Tis my naivety or perhaps it’s my over exuberance for corporate culture karma. Someday, whilst I still inhabit this fine planet of ours, I believe all organizations will be brimming across the diversity of employees, departments and business units truly demonstrating and employing a collaborative culture. Like Peanut to Butter. Like Stanley to Cup. Like […]

Stop Killing Your Corporate Culture

According to Waterstone Human Capital and their 2010 Canadian Corporate Culture Study Results: 71 per cent of respondents say their organization’s corporate culture drives sales and revenue In a series of interviews in 2010, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn/Ferry International, surfaced the following: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is known for promoting openness and […]