Stop Killing Your Corporate Culture

According to Waterstone Human Capital and their 2010 Canadian Corporate Culture Study Results: 71 per cent of respondents say their organization’s corporate culture drives sales and revenue In a series of interviews in 2010, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn/Ferry International, surfaced the following: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is known for promoting openness and […]

Do You Exhibit Collaborative Attributes? Does Your Organization?

About two years ago, Tammy Erickson asked the question, “Do You Have The Collaborative Capacity You Need?” In it, she describes ten enabling factors that help to build the collaborative capacity of an organization. I highly recommend you review them. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight both the ten individual and the ten […]

Year Zero: The Future of Communication Skills in Corporations

Over the last 20-30 years, telecommunications providers have witnessed their revenue streams reshape in ways unthinkable in the 1980’s. Roughly 90% of the revenue pie used to come from local landlines and long-distance calling in their heyday, whereas nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find any global telecommunications player with more than 30% of their revenue […]

The Organization Needs to Ask Itself Tough Questions to Survive

Warren Bennis, in 1993, noted the following in his book “An Invented Life: Reflections on Leadership and Change”: Given the nature and constancy of change and the transnational challenges facing American business leadership, the key to making the right choices will come from understanding and embodying the leadership qualities necessary to succeed in the volatile […]

The Collaboration Curve

Now that I’m on a mission to merge the terms Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 and rephrase as Collaboration, I thought it would be a good time to introduce “The Collaboration Curve”.   Over a period of time, and as collaboration methods between citizens increase (employee to employee, employee to customer, student to faculty, etc.), […]