Friday Fun: Meet Gump Shun


Gump’s a trailblazer. He’s willing and able. He’s got pizazz. He doesn’t mind being open and sharing; some call it bravado, I call it courage. Mr. Shun wasn’t always this way. He had to work at it. Being collaborative wasn’t his thing in the old days. He knew no different. He did what they all did; […]

Whose Your Brian Reid?


Being an interlocutor doesn’t take much. Being present in someone’s life despite geographical distance is as easy as you mentally make it. Let me introduce you to Brian Reid. (@number1brian) In the winter of 1997, Denise and I made the decision to move to Ottawa, Ontario. Our car was packed by June as we headed […]

The Collaboration Commons Idea


One of the problems that I see occurring in both offices and schools is we’re often stuck with 19th century collaboration infrastructure with 21st century technology and wishes. For example, many libraries (be it K-12 or public) have setups like the following:   In the corporate world, all too often the office looks like the […]

Steer Clear of Organizational Leadership Turbulence


Originally published to the January, 2012 Edition of T+D Magazine. Reprinted here with permission. by Dan Pontefract Frequent airplane passengers are likely to have read the following message prior to watching an in-flight movie: “the following film has been modified from its original version. it has been formatted to fit this screen.” for purposes of […]

The Anti-Social Social Dilemma


The problem I see on the horizon for leaders, teachers and parents is what I’m referring to as the anti-social social dilemma. I believe I am social media, social networking and social learning’s number one fan. I also strongly believe that IT, HR and Learning leaders should be experimenting with up and coming social sites […]