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Going Forward to the Past: Management Yahooliganism & No Longer Working From Home

My jaw dropped when I read it. Thanks to an internal memo leaked to Kara Swisher by a Yahoo employee, we have insight into a recent decision by their C-Suite. Taking a page from “we liked it better when we physically saw you hammering keystrokes on your laptop” the struggling company (bada Bing?) has mandated…

An Infographic Depicting Learning & Collaboration in Action

Some of you know I actually have a ‘real job’ where each and every day I get to work with great people and turn ideas into action. That role sees me employed by TELUS; an organization that was recently inducted into Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Hall of Fame. Yes, I’m a lucky lad….

Credo of the Collaboration Canoe

I am not intermittent nor ephemeral for I travel on ubiquitous source. ‘Hope springs eternal’ you say? Aye, this rivulet does meander with hope but ’tis crowded by dangling bystanders. Low hanging fruit, I say, but there they remain perched and private. Why so rigid Oak? Don’t you perennially flower? Is it my canoe that…

Collaboration Workflow 101

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