Redefining the Social Employee


Back in the day, and by day I’m referring to PI (pre-Internet), the social employee was someone who knew how to network, to dialogue and to get things done without the aid of online systems or tools. Remember Sally? She knew everyone and anyone who she met in the elevator. In the cafeteria there wasn’t […]

Air Canada Isn’t Collaborating With Its Employees


Early on in my career I took my first business trip to North Carolina where I participated in a ‘higher education’ conference. No, the conference wasn’t on the airplane although we were ‘higher’. Because it was North Carolina there was even a pig roast. Sadly, I couldn’t find an apple. To get from Vancouver to […]

Can Leaders Lead From the Side?


According to ComScore, we are spending more and more time glued to a screen reading and collaborating on the Internet. No matter what country you live in, the digital golf cart has long left the clubhouse and it is gaining speed on the high-speed golf greens en route toward 100 percent pervasive participation. What’s missing? […]

My Network is my Net Worth – Part II


Several moons ago I wrote about the power of your network. I go into greater detail within Chapter 7 of the Flat Army book (The Participative Leader Framework) about the need for leaders to continuously and authentically build out their direct professional and personal networks by being reciprocal and educating. I won’t reveal the source, […]

Going Forward to the Past: Management Yahooliganism & No Longer Working From Home


My jaw dropped when I read it. Thanks to an internal memo leaked to Kara Swisher by a Yahoo employee, we have insight into a recent decision by their C-Suite. Taking a page from “we liked it better when we physically saw you hammering keystrokes on your laptop” the struggling company (bada Bing?) has mandated […]