Where Does Leadership of Social Media Lie?


I was recently amused by a wonderful yet puzzling article in the December 2011 issue of MIS Quarterly Executive titled “The Impact of Social Media on C-Level Roles.” In its executive summary, the article purports to focus on “the potential impact of social media on organizational leadership and governance at the C-level.” The article itself is wonderful […]

Chief Learning Officer Job Description: Change Needed


Learnerprise is the combination of Enterprise 2.0 and Learning 2.0 concepts. The use of emergent social software platforms as well as formal and informal competence exchange processes, between companies, partners and employees, to improve both productivity and business results. We’re all in charge of our careers, whether we’re employed by an organization, or employed by ourselves, so I […]

A New Symphony for the next CLO Symposium

Imagine you had the opportunity to design a conference from scratch, without ever having attended a conference in the past, without knowledge of what a conference actually is, without a clue as to what the expectations are of attendees at <ahem> the conference. What would you do? This is the challenge I’m putting out to […]

The CIO & CLO are the new Band of Brothers

It reasons to stand that if an organization wants to truly build a connected and collaborative culture (moving from command and control to cultivate and coordinate as Malone has taught us) the CIO and CLO need to become strategic partners. I don’t necessarily care where the CLO reports into per se, but I do suggest these […]