Where Does Leadership of Social Media Lie?


I was recently amused by a wonderful yet puzzling article in the December 2011 issue of MIS Quarterly Executive titled “The Impact of Social Media on C-Level Roles.” In its executive summary, the article purports to focus on “the potential impact of social media on organizational leadership and governance at the C-level.” The article itself is wonderful […]

Case Study: Tim Hockey, a Collaborative & Transparent CEO

I don’t own their shares. I have never worked for the company. I’m not aware of anyone within my strong or weak tie network that actually holds a position there either. The company I am referring to is TD Canada Trust. The CEO I’d like to highlight is Tim Hockey. Bottom line? He gets it.  […]

The New CEO Acronym: Collaborative, Engaging & Open

Organizations are changing. Some may be doing so due to various pressures caused by factors such as customer downsizing, market stagnation, competition and new economic realities. Others may be fine economically and growth-wise, but their transformation is caused by internal employees self-organizing for the purpose of becoming more collaborative, more engaged and certainly more open. […]