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Dan really loves to talk. So much so, he completes about 50 or so keynotes and discussions a year.


He has delivered his unique presentation style of humour, analogies, metaphors, stories and wicked graphics to the likes of business executives and professionals in Europe, America, Australia and of course his home country of Canada. He has enjoyed sharing the stage with the likes of Susan Cain, Marcus Buckingham, Peter Mansbridge, Chris Hadfield, Dave Ulrich, Charles Handy, Clayton Christensen, Roger Martin & Dan Pink to name a few.


Dan has also delivered three different TEDx Talks. You can watch them over here.


Whether at technology, leadership, HR, learning or professional development conferences, offsites and meetings …  if you want insight into the pillars of open leadership, purpose, thinking, collaborative technologies, learning and all facets of organizational culture that leads to better business results … inquire now. (he answers all inquiries himself)


To inquire about me speaking at your event
— in person or over the web —

please send me an email

dp at danpontefract dot com







Upcoming Public Talks



Past Examples


  • CLO Symposium: Taking On Learning’s Sacred Cows
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Shaping the Future of the Americas
  • Human Resources Association Nova Scotia 2017 Conference: The Purpose Effect
  • W North: The Importance of Purpose
  • City of Victoria – 21st Century Leadership
  • CHO Group Phoenix – The Purpose Effect
  • LEAD 2017 – The Purpose Effect
  • Royal Roads University – The Importance of Culture, Purpose & Open Thinking
  • Learning Forward: Helping Students See The Difference Between a Job, Career and Purpose
  • CHO Group Seattle: The Purpose Effect
  • CHO Group Portland: The Purpose Effect
  • IPL Annual Conference: The Purpose Effect – Creating Meaning for Employees
  • Big Think: The Importance of Purpose as a Leader
  • ReFrame HR: Bringing Purpose Into the Organization
  • CERC: The Importance of Culture and Purpose and How It Can Impact Mobility
  • AHRMIO Conference: The Purpose Effect
  • WXN: My Favourite Mistake
  • Alberta School Boards Association: The ABC’s of Collaboration
  • CRHA: You Have To Have a Purpose
  • CRHA: Collaboration as a Competitive Advantage
  • DPI Canada: How to Create an Engaged, Connected and Mobile Organization
  • ATD International Conference: The Purpose Effect – Creating Meaning for Employees
  • GoodLife Leadership Summit: Creating a Sense of Personal Organizational Purpose
  • Institute for Performance and Learning: The Purpose Effect Unveiled
  • Conference Board of Canada: The Purpose Effect Unleashed
  • Brew Summit 2016: Purpose Driven Invokers
  • Canadian Medical Association Annual Conference: Culture as a Competitive Advantage
  • TEDxLangleyED: How Schools Can Save Companies From Collapsing
  • BCSSA: The Future of Learning Needs Your Attention
  • TEDxSFU: The Purpose Effect
  • Canadian ISP Summit: The Connected Culture
  • HRMAM HR & Leadership Conference 2015: How To Create An Engaged and Connected Organization
  • BCPVPA: Becoming the Collaborative Leader
  • Experience Tectoria: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization
  • MainTrain 2015: Becoming the Collaborative Leader
  • Adobe Learning Summit: Becoming the Collaborative Leader
  • Future of Management Development Conference: How Collaborating in a FLAT ARMY Can Improve Employee Engagement
  • BCSSA: Collaborative Leaders. Collaborative Behaviours.
  • ATD International Conference: Developing Roles with a Purpose
  • BCNET: Collaboration and Culture – A Match Made in Heaven
  • CIO Peer Forum – Implementing an Open Culture through Collaborative Technology
  • SAP Innovation Forum, Copenhagen: Collaboration in Action
  • EFMD SFU Event: The Change Needed in Leadership
  • HR Directors Business Summit: Building a Flat Army through Collaboration
  • Learning Forward: The Flat Army
  • IMC 2014: Implementing an Open Culture through Collaborative Behavior
  • Global Peter Drucker Forum, 2014 – The Great Transformation
  • HR Tech Europe: Where Collaborative Tools are Key to Company Culture
  • OCIO Connect 2014
  • Skillsoft Perspectives Australia/New Zealand: The Evolution of Learning and Leadership
  • SAP Sapphire NOW: The Future of Work
  • SAP Sapphire NOW: Virtual, Vital, and Valuable: Can You Be All Things to All People?
  • CSTD Symposium: Collaborative Learners. Collaborative Leaders
  • ATD International Conference and Exhibition: Collaborative Leaders. Collaborative Learners.
  • Mindtrust Leadership Development Program 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • Future of Work Summit
  • Digital Strategy Conference: Lessons From the Boardroom
  • Adobe Digital Government Assembly: It’s Time for Collaborative Leadership
  • Skillsoft Perspectives: Breakthrough Innovation
  • Chair Academy International Leadership Conference: Collaborative Leaders: Collaborative Learners.
  • BPI: Creating a Flat Army: Social Learning and Collaboration in Action
  • Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris Heading from Engagement to Passion in Future Work Performance
  • HRPA Annual Conference: How to Build a Connected and Engaged Organization
  • ASTD BEST: Using Collaborative Tools to Build Out Your High Potential and High Performer Employees
  • Conversations in Leadership with Shawn Hunter at Skillsoft
  • KM World: Creating a Connected & Collaborative Organization: Top Tips
  • Mitchell Odyssey Foundation Forum: The Social Train Has Left the Station
  • Learning 2013 Author Talk: Flat Army
  • Communitelligence: Social, Collaboration and Leadership – is it possible?
  • Mobile Enterprise Strategies Summit: Enhance Staff Productivity Through Employee Learning and Development on Mobile
  • Impact 99: Can Culture Become Your Competitive Advantage?
  • Using Technology to Increase Engagement, Leadership & Learning (free webcast)
  • Enterprise Learning Conference & Expo: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization
  • World Business of Leadership: Flat Army Unveiled
  • ASTD International Convention & Exhibition: The 6 C’s of a Connected Leader
  • SAP Sapphire: Augment Talent Management with Social Connections
  • The Art & Science of Change: Connection, Engagement, Learning, and How to Change Culture
  • BCHRMA: The 6 C’s of a Connected Leader
  • EdTech Innovation: The Social Organization
  • HRIA Conference:  Collaborative Leader Action Model
  • Digital Strategy Conference: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization
  • The Art of Leadership: Creating a Culture of Collaboration
  • Conference Board of Canada: Where Connecting and Collaborating can improve Employee Engagement
  • What is Informal Learning? IC4P Webcast
  • Learning Forward Conference: Let’s Reimagine Sage on the Stage
  • SFU: Building an Engaged and Innovative Workplace: Twitter and Beyond
  • CSTD Conference & Trade Show: Let’s Re-imagine Corporate Learning
  • HRAC: The Future of Leadership
  • Devon Energy: The Future of Leadership
  • Experience Tectoria: Connecting Leadership to Technology
  • Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Collaboration Readiness
  • ASTD International Conference & Exhibition: Lead Yer Ship through an Open & Connected Leadership Model
  • Conference Board of Canada: Creating a Collaborative, Connected, Continuous Learning Culture
  • Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise: Social Failures
  • SAP 2020 Learning Conference
  • Training Practices at BC’s Top 100 Employers
  • SPC11: TELUS Goes Social
  • CLO Symposium: The Rise of Collaboration in Learning, Leadership and 2.0
  • SkillSoft Perspectives:  Rise of Open Leadership & Collaborative Learning.
  • ASTD Tech Knowledge: Implementing a Social Learning Culture
  • Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Social 2.0


  • I loved this 30 Minute Webinar. I wondered how much could be covered in 30 minutes, but Dan hit key points in the time allotted I am energized to start working on my personal Purpose.
  • Appreciate the session being brief, engaging and not a thinly-veiled “pitch” session. Tangible concepts and ideas I’m excited to take back to my biz partner for further discussion. Thanks!
  • Loved Dan’s remarks and candor – some great learning moments there.
  • I really enjoyed hearing Dan Pontefract’s stories and how it related to the content of his book.  It was easy to understand what he wanted to share, but in a more meaningful way.
  • Dan was very entertaining. He is a very good speaker and he had all my attention.
  • Hearing firsthand accounts of managing challenges in personal/professional lives. The personal stories were so great to hear and very inspiring to hear the results of the learnings from them.
  • Loved the humour that Dan brought to the topic. Thought provoking, without being academic.
  • Dan’s speech. It was entertaining and educational. I really appreciated his real life story, & his willingness to share experiences from his personal life.
  • Loved Dan!  I think he is the best speaker that I have heard from at the breakfast series.  Engaging, relevant, powerful  speaker.
  • Bright and interesting presenter. Good to have a forward-thinking perspective of our “world”.
  • Beyond fabulous!! Brilliant thinker. Brilliant content. Brilliant presenter. I will be following Dan’s work
  • Loved his sense of humor and he was interesting and engaging.  Made me think!
  • This session was the best part of the entire conference. I found that Dan’s vision was aspirational but also attainable. I enjoyed his examples and hope to see him speak again.
  • I really enjoyed Dan’s presentation as it has given me a lot to think about and consider what we can implement in our organization.
  • Dan’s message lead me to a lot of ideas of what we could be doing differently at my place of work, and has given me some energy to pursue some of his ideas.  Inspiring and his relaxed style of delivery encouraged me to consider doing something at my workplace that I likely wouldn’t otherwise.
  • Fantastic!
  • Great job. Enjoyed history lesson & humor 😉
  • Dan engaged us all into these beliefs. I am going to purchase the book and share these practices and soon as I can at my organization. Dan’s theory is phenomenal and I am excites about what’s to come from this session in the LD environment around the world. Thank you Dan
  • Great speaker, very applicable to my company.
  • TELUS case study was very interesting.
  • Knows how to connect with audience.
  • Entertaining, interesting.