From time to time, I’m asked to publicly speak or comment on issues related to learning, collaboration, technology, leadership, talent and/or culture. I also occasionally write formal pieces. Some authors write about Flat Army as well.

Some of those items can be found below.


  • Forbes Magazine: Don’t Blame Baby Boomers For The Zombie Apocalypse (Jun 2014)
  • Forbes Magazine: The Five Elements Of A ‘Simply Irresistible’ Organization (Apr 2014)
  • Forbes Magazine: Why Most Of What We Know About Management Is Plain, Flat, Dead Wrong (Jan 2014)
  • Forbes Magazine: How To Lead A Flat Army (Jun 2013)
  • Forbes Magazine: The Pearl Of Leadership Comes From Collaborative Action (Jun 2013)
  • Forbes Magazine: How Corporate Culture Drives Competitive Advantage (May 2013)
  • Forbes Magazine: The Management Revolution That’s Already Happening (May 2013)
  • Forbes Magazine: Make Your Company Top-of-Mind and Your Employees Proud (Mar 2013)
  • Forbes Magazine: From Inside Out, Speed Your Company’s Social Transformation (Jan 2013)



  • T+D Magazine: Culture as a Competitive Advantage (Sept 2012)
  • T+D Magazine: Steer Clear of Organizational Leadership Turbulence (Jan 2012)
  • T+D Magazine: Getting Social to Create Transparency (Oct 2011)
  • T+D Magazine: Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning (Jan 2011)
  • T+D Magazine: Cream of the Crop (Oct 2009)





  • CLO Magazine: Weighing the Options: Different Schools of Thought (Aug 2013)
  • CLO Magazine: What is Social Learning Anyway? (Apr 2013)
  • CLO Magazine: Informal Learning: Any Way You Want It, Any Time You Need It (Mar 2013)
  • CLO Magazine: Learning Technology, Where’s The Money Going (Dec 2012)
  • CLO Magazine: How to Measure Social Learning (Sept 2012)
  • CLO Magazine: How TELUS Keeps Learning Plugged In (July 2012)
  • CLO Magazine: Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social (Feb 2011)


  • Financial Post: Exploring ‘green fields’: How TELUS came to join the fray of the consulting services market (May 2014)



From time to time, other bloggers point back to some of my musings. Thank you for that.

Some of those items can be found below.



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