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I enjoy both reading and writing poetry.


I may even write a book of poetry one day. For now, I will rotate certain poems that I have written on this page.


Below is a hybrid poem, written and also set to visuals.



Imagine a soul ruled by dictators of power and division,
A soul steeped in blissful harmony yet averse to absolutists,
A soul which acknowledges the reality of both crest and trough
But which lives life in dominion’s shadow,
Urging others toward a higher ideal.
You have it in you, such soul.
How many people sit atop the pit of doom afraid to jump across?
How many refract the light to distort Veritas?
How mindful are they to blatant myopia and bias?
Do you have it in you, sole?
Imagine a world spilling over with meaning and flourishing with boundless warmth and open hearts.
Imagine a world filled with such souls on a mission to defeat the despot and unearth the light.
“Onward, daily, forward, away.”
Imagine a world where “purpose was the word.”
Yes, soul, imagine a world where “purpose was the word.”