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My TEDx Talk on The Purpose Effect | the blog of dan pontefract
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My TEDx Talk on The Purpose Effect

My TEDx Talk on The Purpose Effect

Diagram_SLIDE 1_whiteMy next book, The Purpose Effect: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role and Your Organization is a three-way relationship between an individual’s personal sense of purpose in life, the organization’s purpose and a person’s purpose in their role at work. When all three aspects of purpose are properly defined, are well aligned, and function in partnership with one another, then the employee, the organization and society mutually benefit. When they are not, it can lead to significant damage in society and in the organization. The Purpose Effect is the pattern I have exposed.

Think of it as a three-legged barstool. If one of the legs is broken or uneven, either an individual ends up crashing to the ground or there is a perpetual wobble, prompting a feeling of uneasiness, of disequilibrium. Such a lack of balance in the workplace can result in personal disengagement, disbandment of a team, or in the direst instance, the end of the organization itself. Those who lack direction in these situations, simply go through the motions, longing for the day when their opinions and ideas mattered, helpless as senior leaders pursue an organizational purpose that has no meaning for them personally. Any lack of alignment between the three categories of purpose—the barstool legs—can have devastating consequences at both an individual and a collective level.

Diagram_Sweet Spot_Clear Background (3)The Purpose Effect (publishing May 10, 2016 – pre-order now if you like) chronicles my thesis and findings. It draws on research, interviews and first-hand leadership experience, establishing a potentially positive and reciprocal connection between three distinct categories of purpose:

  • Personal purpose
  • Organizational purpose
  • Role purpose

If all three categories of purpose can come to fruition—if there is a positive interconnection between the three distinct definitions of purpose—the benefits should be felt by employees, teams, the organization, customers, owners and, perhaps most importantly, society as a whole. We can refer to this balanced state as the “sweet spot.”

While the book is not out until next year, I was fortunate in 2015 to be asked to deliver a TEDx Talk. I took the opportunity to unleash The Purpose Effect in the now legendary, 18-minute TED format. Thank you to the entire TEDxSFU team for allowing me the chance to speak about something I am very passionate about … PURPOSE!


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