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My Latest TEDxTalk "How Schools Can Save Companies From Collapsing" | the blog of dan pontefract
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My Latest TEDxTalk “How Schools Can Save Companies From Collapsing”

24249518530_4babf79e3f_kI was recently asked to participate in my third TEDx conference through the good people at TEDxLangleyED.

Their theme in 2016?

The Future of Education – Innovation & Inspiration

I decided to take the opportunity to discuss the link between what companies need in terms of graduates … and what schools of all shapes and sizes in the K-16 spectrum ought to be producing.

The title of the talk was “How Schools Can Save Companies From Collapsing” and you can watch it in its entirety below.

A huge thanks to John Pusic and Suzanne Hoffman for their invitation to speak and their continued quest to innovate and inspire. They are truly both innovators and inspiring.


  • Adi Gaskell / 1 March 2016 1:15

    Nice talk Dan (and love the jacket!)

    • Dan Pontefract / 1 March 2016 9:39

      Thanks Adi … and regarding the sartorial side of things, I had shoes to match the jacket but decided against too much plaid and went with the straight purple. There is only so much I can do to compensate for what my face/head looks like. 😉

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