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Lo-Tech Talk #2: The Leaders Guide to The Purpose Effect | dan pontefract
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Lo-Tech Talk #2: The Leaders Guide to The Purpose Effect

Lo-Tech Talk #2: The Leaders Guide to The Purpose Effect

PurposeEffect_3DAs we all know, roles are created by the organization to achieve its mission and goals. Roles make up the whole of the organization. If there are no roles, there is no organization.

Roles can come and go due to factors such as contraction, expansion or the introduction of new technologies like automation or artificial intelligence.

Regardless, when an individual is performing in their role at work for the organization and themselves, one of three different mindsets will likely be exhibited.

For leaders of people, the concept of “role purpose” is critically important to understand. The three types of role purpose mindsets are key to helping employees achieve both personal and role purpose.

This “lo-tech” video (found below) helps to explain the basic concept of ‘role purpose’ … something I describe in detail in my new book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT.

It’s an introductory video (4:38 in length) aimed at leaders of people.

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