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Flat Army: Chapter 10 Overview | dan pontefract
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Flat Army: Chapter 10 Overview

Flat Army: Chapter 10 Overview

The title of Chapter 10 is “Tools, Rules and the Jewels of Being a Flat Army Leader

This 94 second video snippet sees me (Dan Pontefract) describe the background to Chapter 10 of the book Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization.

Collaborative technologies should not be frowned upon as a Flat Army leader. In fact, they should be endorsed and heavily utilized. I describe three brackets of tools (Converse, Content and Context) to aid in the Flat Army quest.

Flat Army


  • Tigran / 10 March 2013 10:43

    Fifteen technologies to be connected! WOW. Dan, you share your thoughts, let me share my own.

    In 2001 I was doing my thesis on how a company can create a competitive advantage and I came to the idea that an organization’s competitiveness – its capacity to create/innovate constantly is based on: highly 1) competent 2) engaged 3) collaborative Personnel. I have been thinking that without any of these factors Personnel can not ensure a competitive advantage. So, the strategy has to be based on reinforcing these three factors simultaneously. The biggest issue I saw at that time was collaboration across the company: it demanded physical presence of employees in the same place to share ideas, get feedback, question, seek knowledge etc. Even it was possible, it was also very difficult. Since, I’ve been looking for possibilities.

    Now Dan, you provide 15 technologies that ensure not only collaboration, but also let people to be connected. These technology based collaboration processes, in my opinion, are richer and deeper than face-to-face communication (which is however important to reinforce relations) because it let to share more content, more frequent and involve more people simultaneously. These tools completely change the possibilities to connect and involve employees to create and innovate better and constantly. I realized these opportunities provided by the technologies two years ago but I haven’t known all of these and there capacities. And even I knew some, I haven’t seen them putting together. I think it’s a great to share your experiences and show how we can use each of these technologies to improve our capacities to be connected.

    It is amazing to see what capabilities the technologies provide for collaboration. I think the first simple has to be sent to Yahoo!

    • Dan Pontefract / 17 March 2013 9:26

      Thanks for your thoughts Tigran and more so for your honesty. Great leadership.

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