Favourite Posts and Articles of 2013 That I Read

writingThere are a lot of uber smart people out there. It’s a collective intelligence of infinite proportions. Without their vast and often timely contributions, I personally would be left fumbling for answers.

The trips as a wee child to the massive toy store — where I could peruse for hours the array of colourful boxes and bins yearning for my attention and my parent’s wallet — reminds me of those internet enabled humans willingly writing posts and articles for the enjoyment (and learning) of all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a kid at the toy store each and every day as I stumble down the aisles of the internet playing with toys masked as articles and posts, thinking to myself, “Which one can I bring home and use in my life forever?”

Which is to say I was struck by many pieces of thought leadership in 2013, but the ones outlined below in particular are the toys I played with more than once and that brought a smile to my face whether as a formal published article or as a blog post.

Thank you to all for your contributions to society’s ongoing collective intelligence.

I hope you continue writing in 2014.

Coming next, my favourite books.



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